Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Testimonials from our graduating students and families

The learning environment I was so privileged to be in was wholesome, loving, and Godly. I was always surrounded by teachers who truly cared about me and each of my classmates. Thanks to Valley Presbyterian School, I can proudly say that I am a much stronger Christian for learning the Godly values and character traits taught to me so many years ago.

– Eleni Constantinidis 

I was very blessed to have found Valley Presbyterian School and have my children attend for their elementary school years. They got both a firm foundation in Christian doctrine and a firm foundation in their general education. We all have fond memories of those years and our lives were enriched by the experience.

– Coralee Funaro

Even though I only graduated from Valley Presbyterian a few years ago, it feels like ages have gone by since I woke up in the morning and lined up with all of the amazing friends that I had made along the way. The curriculum, I’ve noticed, is far more advanced than most elementary schools, and even though I had struggled with my grades while attending, the things I learned have helped me tremendously in high school. I’m excelling in English because of the Language courses I took at Valley Presbyterian School, and am in a 12th grade level Spanish class thanks to Mrs. Deedon’s teachings. The learning environment is also incredible, with nothing but supportive peers and teachers that are there to help you strive and succeed. I’m truly very grateful to have had the privelage of attending an amazing school for my childhood, and hope that many more students feel the same as I do.

– Tiffany Spradley, 6th Grade Class of 2011-2012.

As a lifelong educator, I wanted a Christian school with a rich history, traditions, and current programs. At Valley Presbyterian School, my husband and I found a unique characteristic of academic excellence, Christian values, leadership, and service, with a beautiful staff of dedicated teachers guiding children and their families. From 18 months through 6th grade Valley Presbyterian School instilled in our child a lifelong joy of learning. The integration of technology, athletics/cheerleading, music, and the arts enhanced our daughter’s academic program and allowed her to explore her unique God-given gifts and talents. She discovered Jesus in second grade and prayed with her teacher to accept Him as Lord and Savior. At 26, she is a college graduate, a buyer in the fashion industry, and gives back by serving in her community. Much of her foundation was built during her years at Valley Presbyterian School. I know you will find it to be a safe, warm, and nurturing place for your children to grow and excel, as well as growing together as a family.

– Lisa Glenn

I had a teacher who told my parents during a parent teacher conference that I could be anything I wanted when I grew up, whether that was a doctor or an astronaut. They told me what she said and to this day it gives me the confidence to pursue what I want to do. Currently, I have graduated from college with a bachelor in Neuroscience and am pursuing a career as a doctor. Thank you Valley Presbyterian School for giving me the confidence to pursue anything I set my heart to.

– Michael Chitgian 

There are three things that come to mind when I think of Valley Presbyterian School: love, integrity, and responsibility. The Christ centered classes and involvement of the teachers in the lives of the students showed me the love Christ freely gives. The teachers instilled integrity through the way they lived there lives and conducted themselves daily. Responsibility was an end goal and something I achieved through learning the importance of staying organized which I learned while attending.

– Ryan Matthew Anderson, Class of ‘05

The Bentley Family

Valley Presbyterian School has been a blessing to my family and I. From doing magic for chapels, my wife being a substitute teacher, my daughters going to the school, and now to have Elizabeth with a future there. VPS is a great school!

– Jim Bentley


Even though I was only at Valley Presbyterian School for just a year- it was very unforgettable. Now I am very blessed to be a part of the staff as a Para-professional and doing drama as I am following my Mother’s footsteps…making new memories and I couldn’t be happier!

-Elizabeth Bentley


The best years of my life were spent here, from kindergarten through 5th grade I called this place my second home. From the teachers to the staff, overall it’s an amazing school.

-Bridget Bentley


Out of all my careers, I experienced from 24-55 the one that stands out is being a substitute teacher at Valley Presbyterian School. I enjoyed subbing various grade levels, even P.E.. But most rewarding was being a part time drama teacher for 1 year. The experience of coordinating a musical with the children was challenging but amazing, something I will never forget. It was a blessing to work with the kids, parents, and staff, but most of all, the musical glorified God’s kingdom.

-Suzanne Bentley

Valley Presbyterian School provided a safe and loving environment for my children to learn and grow. Not only did my girls make lifelong friends, I made lifelong friends of their parents as well as the staff!   What a blessing!

– Angela Austin        

Valley Presbyterian School was always my home-away-from-home. I grew up there. It is where I learned about God & the person I wanted to be. I have my faith & am who I am, largely due to the wonderful teachers, staff, & curriculum at Valley Presbyterian School. I also know I received the best education I could thanks to V.P.S.

Bekki Banaga, Class of 1994

When I think about attending Valley Presbyterian School it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. All of my first great memories were made at this school. The staff was not just staff but, my extended family. I gained not only a wonderful education and love for God, but also a team of life long support. I loved it so much I went back at 19 years old and got a chance to work with this incredible team myself.

– Stephanie Curran, Class of 1998

It’s been nearly a quarter century since I attended Valley Presbyterian School and yet I still remember all of the teachers that positively impacted my life…..Mrs. Nancarrow, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Chriss, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Luedke, Mrs. Moreland and Mrs. Deedon. While they all taught me something different, each with her own unique, quirky personality, it was my third grade English teacher, Mrs. Casillas, who first introduced me to reading Via Wilson Rawls and C.S. Lewis.   My imagination soared and I immediately fell in love with books (I loved Where the Red Fern Grows so much, I purchased a copy for my mom on her birthday). This love of reading set the course for the rest of my life as I majored in English and eventually ventured into a career as a writer. Thank you to everyone at Valley Presbyterian School—including Mrs. Waters, the gatekeeper to the library—for instilling values in me as a child that have helped shape the man I am today.

– Jordan Ikeda

As a family, we cherish the education experience and life experience shared at Valley Presbyterian School.  Each of our children was given an excellent foundation for the path ahead, to become vessels for God’s plan and purpose.  They received the tools, skills and confidence and guidance to complete college and advanced degrees, leading them into the professions God has provide, and each are faithfully walking and serving the Lord in integrity and Godly character.  Educational challenges are mastered in a loving and structured environment.  The respect and appreciation of each person is modeled and nurtured.  The blessing of our children attending this Christian school, being taught by a loving, caring staff that is honoring to the Lord and His values, continues to make a difference in our lives.

– The Hayes Family

Valley Presbyterian School was a safe place to grow up. A Spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally safe/loving place to enjoy the many facets of childhood. I feel blessed to have had the chance to have attended Valley Presbyterian School and if I lived closer my children without a doubt would attend.  The teacher and staff are remarkable and truly love what they do. Every child-student would be blessed to call them their school family!

– Jolene Snider/Escalante

Valley Presbyterian school gave me a strong foundation on which to base all my future learning. I am teaching 8th grade English students the same material Mrs. Moreland taught me in 4th grade language.

– Kristi Miller/Schlachet

We have so many wonderful memories of VPS and very thankful for the care, nurturing and education they gave our three kids. Time goes by so quickly, it seems like yesterday we were there but our kids are 29, 30 & 33 now! Thank you Valley Presbyterian School! Time goes by so quickly, it seems like yesterday we were there but our kids are 29, 30 and 33 now! Thank you Valley Pres!

– Denice Benedetto Beal


At Valley Presbyterian School the kids not only learn academics; but most especially their souls are being fed daily…

Pinky Avila

I graduated Valley Presbyterian School in 2007 and had an amazing experience. Although it was a long time ago, I remember that Valley Presbyterian was the place where I became a Christian and started following The Lord. I will never forget when Mrs. Thomas broke her arm when I was in 4th grade or when Mrs. Julie Martin, my 6th grade teacher, told me she was engaged and now has triplets! So many great memories at Valley Presbyterian School and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend for 3 great years!

-Mallory Montes