Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Assemblies

Assemblies occur regularly throughout the school year and are designed to inform students about various topics and to enhance the existing curriculum.


Many of the assemblies encourage student participation.  Assemblies differ from chapels because they focus on relaying information and emphasizing student responsibility for subject areas such as safety, care of the environment and service projects for our community.   Although topics may not be of a Biblical nature, spiritual principles are woven into every assembly.

Assemblies include but are not limited to:

  1. Safe Moves – stresses pedestrian safety
  2. Bicycle, boating and swimming safety
  3. Environmental Defenders – stresses the need to reduce trash, reuse materials and recycle items.
  4. Library Awards, Athletic Team Awards, A.C.S.I. Event Award presentations.
  5. V.P.S. Olympics (every 4 years)
  6. Spirit Team
  7. Teacher and Volunteer Appreciation
  8. Charity Programs – Operation Christmas Child and Pennies for Patients