Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Day Care

We are busy in Day Care from morning to night. There is something for everyone. Mornings offer music, games and outside play. In the afternoon, we offer Study Hall, Character Building, and Storytelling. We play in the sand, make crafts, and have hula hoop contests. There are board games, jump ropes, and sidewalk chalk. Freeze dance and dress up are also group favorites. It’s nice to sit and relax with our friends with a movie on Wednesday. We love eating the healthy snacks provided in day care!

Let’s not forget about our holiday fun! Each year during our school breaks, we have Captain Carl come with all his sea life. Once, we got to pet a live shark! WOW!! On Pajama Day, we eat pizza in forts and make our own sundaes. We have egg hunts and donut races.

We also like to get caught being good. If we get caught being good, we get raffle tickets, and once a month, we have a chance to win cool prizes.

After School Discovery is the best! These are classes offered at an extra fee: Our students experience and are exposed to many different opportunities to learn sign language, put together a school newspaper, craft classes, scrap booking, drama, Soccer Shots, Mad Science, foreign languages, hula, Tae Kwon Do, cheerleading and many sports teams. Who knows what exciting classes will be offered in the future?



Mrs. Jennifer de la Guardia

Day Care Director

Day Care Director, Mrs. Jennifer de la Guardia has been on staff at V.P.S. since 2000. She does many things including serving as Day Care director, Motor Development teacher, and Kindergarten paraprofessional. She has extensive training in Child Development and taught preschool before coming to V.P.S.  Her daughter is a graduate of V.P.S. and is now also on our preschool staff.

“I love being a part of the children’s daily lives and seeing them grow in Christ.”

Circ_Sylvia Alloway

Mrs. Sylvia Alloway

Day Care Aide

Day Care Aide, Mrs. Sylvia Alloway, began working at V.P.S. in 2006. She supervises our morning Day Care program beginning at 7:00a.m. each school day. Mrs. Alloway holds a B.A. Degree from C.S.U.N. and has taught 5th – 8th grades both private Christian schools and public schools since 1988. She is a member of Valley Presbyterian Church.

“I enjoy working with nice people, polite and helpful children, and watching them grow and mature here at V.P.S.”


Elizabeth Bentley

Day Care Aide

Day Care Aide, Elizabeth Bentley has worked at V.P.S. since 2014, first as a counselor and drama instructor in our Summer Camp. An alumnus of 2000, she serves as a paraprofessional in 3rd grade, day care staff member, and teaches drama after school. Miss Bentley desires to finish her BA in Theatre Arts at C.S.U.N. She has earned three AA’s in theatre from Pierce College. In her future she would like to be a fulltime drama teacher.

“I love coming back to V.P.S. as a staff member; I am very blessed to call this my family again.   My mom loved working at V.P.S. as a substitute teacher –it is as if history is repeating itself. I love telling others that my boss was my 6th grade teacher! Most people can’t say that! I look forward to what God has planned for my future in teaching drama to children.

circ_Georgette Doshier

Mrs. Georgette Doshier

Day Care Aide

Day Care Aide, Mrs. Georgette Doshier, has been doing Day Care supervision at V.P.S. since 1983. Her son, daughter and grandson were students and are graduates of V.P.S.

“I enjoy the staff and all the children I have met here through my many years at V.P.S.”


Mrs. Darlene Kline

Day Care Aide

Day Care Aide, Mrs. Darlene Kline has been on the V.P.S. staff since 2007. Mrs. Kline enjoys assisting in the fourth grade class, lunch duty and day care. Mrs. Kline also teaches a sign language class in our afterschool Discovery program. Mrs. Kline attended North Valley Occupational Center and Watterson College majoring in Child Development. Her youngest son is a graduate of V.P.S. and has/had grandchildren attending V.P.S., as well.

“I enjoy watching the children grow and learn in a loving and Christian environment.”

Maria Mejia

Day Care Aide

Day Care Aide, Maria Mejia has been involved with V.P.S. as a camp counselor and day care aide since 2014. Maria is a college student and majoring in Medicine. Maria would like to pursue her dream and become a Pediatrician.

“Most enjoyable part of V.P.S. is how I have grown with the kids and created unforgettable memories.”