Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Dress Code

Wearing a uniform promotes school unity

Dress Code Regulations

To be followed by ALL VPS students

Valley Presbyterian School requires students to wear a school uniform as part of their school experience. Please adhere to the specific uniform guidelines for shirts, pants, etc. available in the office.

  • All jackets, sweatshirts, and outerwear for cold weather may be any color, but must be PLAIN with no logos other than V.P.S. Caps without a VPS logo, sunglasses, hats, scarves, bandanas, do-rags, sports band, beanies, or other decorative headgear are not permitted. V.P.S. caps, scarves, or beanies will be permitted during periods of extreme hot or inclement weather and only while outdoors.
  • Hair color must be a natural color to the student. NO altered hair color is allowed. Hair must be ONE tone, no highlights, neatly styled, and without being extreme. Hair that distracts from the educational process such as extreme cuts, spray-painted, bleached, or glitter in the hair is unacceptable. Hair styles not acceptable for boys are; extreme spikes, ponytail, piglets, afros, dred locks, entirely shaved scalps, Mohawks, two toned hair, etc. Boys’ hair must be above the collar. Bangs for both boys and girls must be short enough to be out of the eyes to avoid impeding vision. Also, unacceptable are tattoos in any form that are visible, both permanent and temporary.
  • No bare feet or unsafe or disruptive footwear shall be worn. It is required that sturdy shoes suitable for physical education activities be worn on P.E. days, or a pair of tennis shoes be kept at school. Students may not wear sandals, platform shoes or skate shoes, heelys, uggs, boots, or long dresses as they will inhibit play. (Even on FREE dress days) Socks must be worn with shoes.
  • Earrings and body piercing (except earrings for girls) are not acceptable for school. Jewelry such as large or dangling earrings, large (charm) bracelets, multiple bracelets, belt buckles, pins, wallet chains or buttons that portray the gang, punk, goth, or rock culture are inappropriate and may not be worn to school. Facial make-up, nail, and/or hair enhancements, such as extensions for elementary girls is considered inappropriate for school. Only light colored nail polish is acceptable.
  • Girls may not wear skirts, jumpers, leggings, patterned tights or socks. Leggings may NOT be worn as pants or under skorts. Only solid colored tights or socks that match the uniform pants, skorts, etc. may be worn. Long or short sleeve tops, and camisoles, worn under polos must be a solid color that complement the polo and not fall below the polo. Cardigan sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets in a solid color(s), with no logo other V.P.S., are acceptable outerwear. Girls may not wear shrugs or half jackets over their polo shirts.
  • Students may not wear tank tops, muscle shirts, “crop tops”, or blouses with spaghetti straps on regular school days. (Please see “Free Dress Day” codes). Capri pants for girls in acceptable uniform colors may be worn, but may not have cuffs, elastic, or tie strings. Pants for boys and girls must fit properly and may not have holes or multiple pockets. Cargo pants and corduroy are not uniform pants.

When a class earns a “free dress day” or a “free dress week”, students may wear non-uniform clothing. However, students must still observe the general dress code with safety and modesty in mind. Please wear socks and tennis shoes. Jeans and shorts are permitted but may not have holes or be too tight. “Short shorts” are not permitted. Shorts for girls and boys must be at a mid-thigh (just above the knee) length. T-shirts may not have inappropriate sayings or designs. Skorts or skirts must be at a mid-thigh length. Skirts MUST have shorts worn beneath them. Clothing should always be Christ honoring! No tank tops, muscle shirts or blouses with spaghetti straps are allowed unless an additional garment is worn beneath it.


We honor our country and those who serve in our military on the FIRST Friday of every month. Each class takes a turn presenting a small program for the entire school on the playground at 8:30a.m. Students may wear polo shirts in patriotic colors (red, white, or blue) and T-shirts with a patriotic theme. Uniform pants and/or skorts, etc. must be worn with the patriotic shirt.


Students in 6th Grade ONLY may wear jeans on Fridays with their uniform polo or a V.P.S. T-shirt. No short shorts are allowed-only longer style shorts.


ALL students may wear a V.P.S. T-shirt or any color polo shirt on Friday/Spirit days. Uniform bottoms are required on these days (grades Kindergarten – 5th grades).


Each year, new dress styles and fad accessories emerge into society. Therefore, the Administration and faculty reserve the right to evaluate any mode of dress that, in their estimation, inhibits the philosophy, purpose, and goals of Valley Presbyterian School, the educational process, or threatens the safety and protection of all students as unacceptable.

Valley Presbyterian School desires to give grace and understanding when observing violations especially in the first two weeks of the school year. Therefore, children and/or parents may receive a warning (written or verbal) prior to the issuing of a dress referral notice. Parents may also be asked to bring a change of clothing to their students, or the student may be taken home to change clothing. Three dress referrals in a trimester will result in a detention. Repeated lack of adherence to the dress code will result in a parental meeting with the Administration.