The Valley Presbyterian Christian School Excel Program

The Excel Programs of Valley Presbyterian School are designed for gifted students or students with moderate learning challenges and those who need Dyslexia intervention.

The Excel Program Lab #1 seeks to provide intervention and support for students who desire additional instruction or remediation in various academic subjects or general school performance. Students coming to the Excel Program Lab #1 pay an additional tuition to cover the services they receive. The tuition is prorated over the school year calendar to include the Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas vacations. Make-up sessions are provided for absences, field trips and Monday holidays.

Students attend the Excel #1 during the regular school day hours. Teachers are provided with a list of available time slots, and they choose the time that best fits the classroom schedule. A program is designed for each individual student based on his or her particular academic needs. Excel #1 is also able to administer reading and math skill testing to help determine exactly what the student’s needs are so that an appropriate program is developed. The testing has an additional fee.

The Excel Lab #1 can provide direct classroom support by helping the students prepare for tests, review materials not mastered in the classroom, and teach skills needed to perform adequately in the classroom. The Excel Lab #1 is in a uniquely strategic position to help the students because it has immediate access to the daily activities in the classroom. The classroom teachers work closely with Excel #1 to alert the instructor when a student is struggling in a particular area or when there are upcoming tests. The Excel Lab #1 works with students in a one on one setting, as well as in small groups. The small groups are determined by the needs seen by the classroom teachers. The teachers also recommend those students who would best respond to individualized intervention.

A written evaluation of each student’s progress is provided to the parents and teachers in November, February, and May with the trimester report card. These reports review the skills mastered by the student, skills currently being taught, anecdotal comments and recommendations for the student’s further growth.


The Excel Lab #1 works with students in a one in one setting using the Barton Reading and Spelling Program designed by Susan Barton. This program was specifically designed to meet the needs of dyslexic students. One in five students in any class across the nation have dyslexia, and we strive to help them develop the reading skills they are missing through this one on one instructional program. Dyslexia symptoms vary from mild to profound. The Barton Reading and Spelling Program can meet the needs of children anywhere along the spectrum. For more information, check out the Barton Reading and Spelling Program at Bright It is full of information for parents and has videos describing dyslexia and the Barton Program.


This program provides for:

  • The gifted child
  • Individualized or group activities to enhance our already accelerated curriculum.

The gifted program is designed to challenge the student through a multidimensional teaching approach involving special curriculum, enrichment, and the acceleration of course content.

The guiding characteristic of the Excel Program #3 for the gifted is to provide the gifted student with the extension for learning which affords her/him open circuits for exploring, experiencing, and expressing. Students attend the gifted program during regular school hours. Teachers choose from available time slots that best fit the classroom schedule. A minimal fee is added to the cost of tuition to cover the services rendered.

This Excel Lab #3 is designed to provide activities and opportunities that are thus structured to assist the student in assessing and capitalizing upon their unique abilities, talents, and interests.

A written evaluation of each student’s progress is provided to parents and teachers with each trimester report card.



The screening process begins by reviewing the student’s scores on the Terra Nova and their Report Card grades. Students who qualify generally have an overall grade point average of 3.5 or higher and score in the 90th percentile or higher in Reading and or Math section of the Terra Nova test.

Each year, the child’s Terra Nova score will be evaluated by his or her teacher as well as by the administrator. After all the information has been reviewed, parents will consult with the Excel Lab instructors and administration as to how this program will best work with their child.

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Excel Program Director

Mrs. Waschak has served V.P.S. in many capacities since 2000. She has served as a paraprofessional in first grade, second grade and fourth grade. Mrs. Waschak is the Excel Program Director and a certified Barton Reading and Spelling specialist and consultant. She has earned several certificates in the Barton Reading and Spelling Program, which is designed to remediate Dyslexic students. Mrs. Waschak has an A.A. degree in Psychology from Valley College. Mrs. Waschak plans to enter the credential program and secure her elementary teaching credential. Her two children are graduates of V.P.S.

“I love the great staff! Working with the children each day is awesome and rewarding.”


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