Fifth Grade


  • Griffith Observatory
  • Walk Thru Revolution
  • Huntington Library
  • Aquarium of the Pacific


  • State Fair Day
  • 5th Grade Chapel
  • Christmas Program
  • Washington, D.C. Trip (every other year)


  • State Report
  • State Display Board
  • State Power Point Presentation and Oral Report



Our reading program is trifold. One facet centers on the literature approach with students reading/analyzing award winning novels including A Tale of DespereauxTuck Everlasting, and Walk Two Students will also read from the 5th grade ABeka series which includes three readers correlated to our study of American history. These readers expose students to character-building content critical thinking skills. They also increase student’s vocabulary and develop and appreciation for Christian literature. The third facet of our reading curriculum requires students to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program. Reading skills tests and comprehension tests on all novels and AR books contribute to the student’s reading grade.

Using Sadlier-Oxford’s text Progress in Mathematics , we will begin with a review of basic operations, simple equations, and place value, focusing on the underlying mathematical principles by which these function. Our study of number theory will contribute to the expansion of your child’s computational skills, specifically in multiplication and division of whole numbers. We will explore rational numbers and learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractional and decimal number. Our mathematical investigations will also include the study of plane and space geometry, foundations for algebra, U.S. customary (standard) and metric measurement, graphing, and other numeration systems. Calculators will be used to strengthen computation skills and number concepts. Problem solving and investigative thinking will be incorporated into all math activities.

Our study of God’s Word will cover four areas. Covenant training will be taken from the Children’s Catechism of the Westminster Confession. Using the workbook, Possessing the Land, from Positive Action for Christ curriculum, students will study people and events recorded in the Old Testament to encourage them toward more Christ-like character and behavior. In addition, each month we will highlight a specific Christian character trait. We will discuss together how we can develop that character trait in our own lives to become more like Jesus. Your child will also be required to learn one memory scripture each week. Verses will be taken from the New International Versionof the Bible (NIV) and must be memorized from that text.

One of the main purposes of our science curriculum is to encourage curiosity and appreciation for the wonder and complexity of God’s creation. Our text, California Scienceby Houghton-Mifflin, will be our springboard to the exploration of living organisms, earth science, and physical science. Students will regularly take part in experimentation, demonstrations of scientific facts and principles, and the creation of models that will provide them with hands-on practice in learning through scientific inquiry. You can access the publisher’s website for supplementary activities and review games to help your child better understand the information he or she will be learning about in class.

Using the ABEKA Curriculum, we will learn about our country from Biblical, historical, and geographical perspectives. Our study of American history will include native peoples, European exploration and colonization, the founding of our nation, and the Civil War. Our geographical study will cover map skills, identification and location of the fifty states, and major U.S. landforms and geographical features. We will also examine the foundations of American government as is set forth in the Constitution. An important part of our social studies program will involve each student in a major research project. The project will include a written report, a visual display board, and an oral presentation about one of the fifty states.  The project which begins in November will culminate with the State Fair in May. An evening meeting will be scheduled in early October to give parents more detailed information about the State Project.

Spelling: Students will immerse themselves in vocabulary using Sadlier’s Vocabulary Workshop workbook. We will cover one unit each week with weekly spelling and vocabulary tests. Early in the school year, students will learn to spell the names of our fifty states. Our expectation will be that students will know how to use and spell these words correctly.

Language: Grammar, composition, writing (both creative and expository), and oral presentation will all be emphasized in our study of the English language. Using God’s Gift of Language by A Beka we will study sentence patterns and structure, parts of speech, rules of punctuation and capitalization, and correct forms for writing letters and reports. The students will also write original stories and poems to develop their creative ideas through written language.

Computers, Library, Art, Music, and P.E.


Ms. Theta Stalvey



Ms. Theta Stalvey comes to us with 13 years of prior teaching experience in Christian Schools, ten of those years teaching fifth grade.  She attended The Master’s College and Azusa Pacific University focusing on teacher education with an emphasis in Science.  Studying God’s Word and learning about Him through the world He created are driving forces in her teaching career. It is that passion and love she hopes to pass on to her students.

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Chronicles 4:10 Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.