Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Angel Babies - 3 to 14 months

Welcome to the Angel Babies Classroom. Our activities are centered on infant socialization, bonding and interaction. We endeavor to develop a relationship with your child through singing, story time, music and outside play. Communication is important for our Angel Babies which is why we teach and use baby sign language daily in order to give them skills to express their needs. Baby massages are an important part of our day. Each child receives a 5 minute massage to aid circulation and relaxation to promote better sleep. We want our Angel Babies to experience the love of Christ in a fun, relaxed setting as they bond with us and their classmates in order to develop first relationships.

Teaching Outcomes

  • To learn about Christ through story time
  • To worship Christ through singing
  • To foster independence
  • Socialize and bond with other infants
  • To provide a safe loving and nurturing environment
  • Build beginning skills for communication and language
  • To foster sensory development of sight, sound, and touch
  • To build fine and gross motor skills
  • To learn to communicate through sign language, English, and Spanish
Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Savior's Seedlings - 14 to 18 months

Although still part of the Infant Center, the Savior’s Seedlings class introduces a whole new world of learning opportunities for your child. We provide interactive and play-based activities each day that foster independence and language development. The children begin learning songs, counting, shapes, and colors. Waddlers begin to develop self-confidence as they are challenged to move from observers to go getters. Bible time is a special part of our day developed with your child in mind. Your child will learn about God’s love and sing rhythmic songs. Children are sure to develop a love of learning through exploring and engaging in our unique environment.

Teaching Outcomes

  • Teach your child simple melodies both Christian and otherwise
  • Expose them to counting, colors, and shapes
  • Facilitate independent feeding
  • Foster group play, sharing, and gentle touch
  • Promote object recognition in pictures and name them
  • Follow 1 or 2 simple directions
  • Communicate wants and needs through words or
    sign language
  • Develop a love for Christ and a love of learning
Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Heavenly Sprouts - 18 to 30 months

Welcome to the Heavenly Sprouts class where your child’s every experience is brand new. Our classroom is a loving and nurturing Christ-centered environment where your child is encouraged to be independent and begin to develop responsibility and awareness of others. We allow the children to feed themselves, drink from a cup, encourage them to speak, share and use good manners. We begin the potty training process and teach them good hygiene habits. Incorporating many hands on experiences to assist our Heavenly Sprouts understand the world around them is part of our classroom experience where we taste, share, and experience new foods, explore slimy, goopy textures in the sensory tubs, and finger paint as much as we can. We also enjoy cooking, Spanish, gardening, library, and computer time. Our Heavenly Sprouts thrive and grow in the love of the Lord.


Teaching Outcomes

  • Feed themselves
  • Drink form a cup with no lid
  • Be responsible for their backpack and or lunch box
  • Use words when in need of something
  • Wash hands with soap and dry with a paper towel
  • Walk in a line as a class
  • Know that God created everything
  • Pray everyday
  • Share with friends
  • Use words when speaking with friends