Application Process:

We welcome your interest in applying to Valley Presbyterian Christian School.

Please follow the steps below for easy enrollment.

Step 1 Request information

Please contact us or call our main office to speak personally with our registrar. (818) 894-3674

Step 2 Visit Our Campus

We encourage you and your child to visit the Valley Presbyterian Christian School campus, attend a chapel, sporting event or open house in order to meet our faculty and view our student body. Simply call our main office and schedule a personalized tour and/or have coffee with our principal.

Step 3 Complete the Application

Click the “Online Application” button below or come to the main office to pick up and fill out the application form. An application fee/testing fee of $45.00 is required at the time the application is submitted. A testing date is then scheduled with the grade level teacher your child is applying for.

Step 4 Interview and Assessment

Once we have received your completed application and testing fee, we will schedule an interview and student testing. An admissions decision will be communicated to you the following day.

Step 5 Financial Aid

Families applying for financial assistance need to visit our school office for application forms. Applications must be submitted by April 30th, prior to the upcoming school year.

For information on Financial Aid, click here.

Step 6 Enrollment

Once your child has passed the testing and interview process, enrollment fees and contract forms will be required. We look forward to welcoming your child to Valley Presbyterian Christian School!

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, do not hesitate to contact our school office. We are always happy to guide you through each step.

We look forward to you and your child becoming a vital part of our Valley Presbyterian Christian School family!

General Admission Information

At Valley Presbyterian Christian School, kindergarten children must be 5 years old by September 1st. Each child must have a licensed physician’s report, complete identification, and emergency information, the school agreement, and the initial fees paid by the 1st of August. Re-enrollment in March will guarantee a place in school for the “Fall”, provided the school account is kept current or paid in full. School records are not released if accounts are not current. The school reserves the right to dismiss or refuse to re-enroll a child at the school’s discretion. In the event of said dismissal, all tuition charges will be prorated to the last day of attendance of said pupil. After March, enrollment for the following “Fall” will be open to new students. Each child is accepted on his or her individual merits, regardless of race, color, or creed. Children who are physically handicapped, or have behavior or emotional challenges shall be accepted only after evaluation by the Administrator and the School Board Committee.

The decision shall be based on:

  1. The child’s attendance having no adverse effect upon other children, either through direct behavior of the child or through requiring staff time needed by other children.
  2. The school’s ability to meet the needs of the child.