Valley Presbyterian Christian School - About


Valley Presbyterian Christian School endeavors to maintain a balanced education with emphasis on Biblical truths, academic excellence, character development, and athletic skills. It is our mission to provide a “Total Christian Education” that educates the whole child in preparation and fulfillment of God’s perfect plan for his/her life. We emphasize and assist the child and his/her parents in developing a sense of truth, love, and appreciation for God’s plan in the child’s life, relationships with his/her parents, friends, church and school. Our school faculty incorporates Biblical principles into every subject and strives to ensure that every child develops a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the ultimate goal of all learning should lead the student to fulfill his created temporal and eternal purpose which is to glorify and enjoy the true and living God. Only with God-centered curriculum will the student be able to thoroughly integrate all of the particulars of life into a unified faith-life view, so that the mature individual will function optimally with himself, his fellow man, and before his God.



A well-built foundation of ideas, experiences, and goals.


A devotion to God and a desire to serve Christ, Church and Community with enthusiasm.


A love of learning, free inquiry and critical thinking skills.


Development in all areas (Spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, physical, emotional, and social) to maximize each child’s potential.

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

Psalm 119:105


Valley Presbyterian Christian School began in 1973 as a ministry of Valley Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Lou Barnes (Pastor, 1972-1978) shared a vision for Christian school education with Loraine Brewer (Principal, 1973-2004) and with the support of the Session/Elders of Valley Presbyterian Church opened the V.P.S. Preschool and Kindergarten with 23 students. Gradually each year, a grade or two was added to the school. Within five years of opening, Valley Presbyterian Christian School had 500 students and the first Infant Care Center in the San Fernando Valley. Through the years, Valley Presbyterian Christian School students have earned numerous awards for high educational achievements. Our graduates often return to thank us for providing them with a solid Christian educational and Christ-centered foundation. Career accomplishments include the Assistant Attorney General of Virginia, Professors at several different universities and colleges, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, musicians, engineers, aero-space, pastors, missionaries, and many more – All for the Glory of God!