Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (P.T.F.) provides support to both parents and teachers. We use the term “fellowship” rather than association since we are a community of Christians working together for the good of our students. The P.T.F. provides greater opportunities for parents to become involved, for parents and teachers to communicate, and for the school to connect with the families it serves.

We look forward to all our families becoming involved in the P.T.F. activities.

Valley Presbyterian’s P.T.F does MUCH more than provide coffee for school functions (although that is important too!) Thanks to your support we’ve accomplished so much for our school (read on!)

What Does P.T.F. Do?

  • Provides athletic equipment
  • Coordinates yearly Jog-A-Thon, All School Breakfast, V.P.S. Olympics, Family Fun Night, Class Parties, etc.
  • Provided funds to update computers, a new LCD projector, and replaced classroom whiteboards with new magnet whiteboards. Added new privacy fencing to the kindergarten play yard. Purchased a new intercom system in the preschool.
  • Hosts Elder/Faculty Luncheons
  • Oversees V.P.S. Outreach programs to Mission and Community Service Groups (Hope of the Valley, Operation Christmas Child, Children’s Hunger Fund, etc.)
  • Ministers to school families in need
  • Coordinates Box Tops for Kids, Labels for Education program, and Scrip. “Scrip” is gift cards that you purchase from V.P.S.-P.T.F. for face value. Each card purchased earns a rebate for VPS of 2% to 15% or more!


  • To promote unity through parent programs, fellowship, effective communications and encouragement.
  • To continually improve and enhance the quality of our school.
  • To be a positive public relations agency to our community.
  • To develop a strong, common purpose between educators and parents that will promote the highest ideas of physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.


Parents, grandparents and extended family of students enrolled in V.P.S. are eligible for membership. Faculty of V.P.S. shall be members by virtue of position. At the beginning of each school year the P.T.F. will host a membership drive to encourage church, school, and community to join.

Office & Duties

Officers for the P.T.F. Executive Committee are elected in May to serve the following year.

The P.T.F. offices are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Preschool Liason

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