Valley Presbyterian Christian School - Service Groups

Valley Presbyterian School desires to develop students with a servant’s heart!


Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students may be selected by their classroom teacher to serve in the SSC (Student Servant Council) or the PGH (Playground Helper) organizations. It is an honor to be chosen to serve in either or both of these groups. Therefore, students must earn a 3.0 grade point average, have outstanding Christian behavior, excellent work habits and good attendance. The student serves for one trimester at a time. Students are issued an SSC or PGH sash which is worn when serving.

SSC – The School Servant Council

SSC is responsible for putting up and taking down the American flag each school day, office deliveries to teachers, and assisting with the computer lab closure each day. Students have assigned positions that rotate weekly.

PGH – Play Ground Helpers

PGS assists with kindergarten and first grade students in the Physical Education and Motor Development programs at our school. Students selected serve for one period each week for one trimester.


Chapel Buddies

This, too, is a service group who assists primary age students in kindergarten and first grades as they walk to and attend Chapel each week. Chapel buddies must have excellent citizenship, enjoy young children, and have a desire to serve as a role model.